Ngo Accounting Plus (NAP) is a full service professional accounting company. We are a highly motivated and reliable company, dedicated to providing a variety of quality bookkeeping, payroll processing and tax services. Whether you require a one-time-needed assistance, specialized clean-up or back work services, we can setup and keep your books in proper bookkeeping order.

We work hard to achieve the highest possible standards in everything we do. Our aim is to deliver superior service while providing the best value with extremely reliable and timely performance. Our key qualities are:
  • Responsibility, timeliness and responsiveness.
  • Customer satisfaction and respect
  • Placing customer interest first
  • Providing superior work quality
  • High standards of integrity and accuracy
  • Reliability for our clients
  • EB3
  • EB5

We want to keep customers happy and satisfied. Feel free to contact us anytime.

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English and Vietnamese Spoken
301-869-3553 (Office)
301-633-3282 (Cell)